The XXVI edition of the school is held from 13 to 17 February 2017.

List of talks:

A. Ballarino (Cern)
Superconductivity at Future Hadron Colliders

M. Boezio (UniTs)
Searching for Dark Matter in space: from Pamela to GAPS

M. Cavallaro (Lns)
The NUMEN Experiment

J. M. Christille (Osservatorio Astronomico VdA)
From Nir to SUBMM sensors in hostile site

M. Faure Ragani (Arpa Aosta)
Environmental radiometric techniques applied to Aosta Valley territory

C. Galbiati (Princeton University)
Searching for Dark Matter underground: the Darkside Experiment

M. Goano (PoliTo)
Challenges in the simulation of hot electrons in radiation detectors

F.  Ferroni (Infn)
Status of Double Beta Decay Research

M. Pepe Altarelli (Cern)
The LHCb Upgrade

C. Piemonte (Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
State of the Art of SiPM