The High Training School of CINFAI is at the Miners Village of Cogne, which was once the bottom of the valley landmark mining complex of Cogne. In it they were housed the miners' dormitory, some offices and the canteen of the mine until the month of March 1979, the final closure of the mining. The Miners Village houses since 2007 the headquarters of the Fondation Grand Paradis, the visitors center of the Gran Paradiso National Park and the exhibition center Alpinart which houses the permanent exhibition "The mine of Cogne" and temporary exhibitions dedicated to the alpine culture. Bordering the school is the Hostel Restaurant Pub Bar La Mine that can accommodate up to 40 visitors, offers a popular restaurant service for lunch and dinner, and can arrange refreshments and coffee breaks.

The Village, near the center of Cogne, is accessible by car and has ample parking. At various period of the year free public bus services departing from the village of Cogne are available.

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