A bit of history... 

In December 2012 agreement was signed between the Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta, Fondation Grand Paradis and CINFAI for the creation of an high level training school at the Village of Miners in Cogne. The goal is to create a real cultural center at the Village of Miners, alongside the visitors center of the Gran Paradiso National Park and the Alpinart exhibition center, dedicated to the mine. A school for post-graduate training and for updating professional skills.

Why the school is located in Cogne?

Because nowhere else we can find an environment so favorable to house a school that will enable scholars and researchers to isolate themselves and immerse themselves in nature and tranquility of the place, but at the same time have all the services they need. Cogne offers many opportunities for nature walks, in the Gran Paradiso National Park, you can enjoy outdoor sports and there are accommodations that meet all the needs of our guests: from the nearby hostel that can accommodate up to 40 persons to the 4-stars hotel. Cogne, as the Miners' Village itself, is steeped in history, the history of men, the history of technical and organization that give to this place the charm of times past.

The School Today

The high level training school of CINFAI is born in 2015. The CINFAI is promoting conferences, seminars, postgraduate educational activities, setting up and updating a calendar of events for the following years. This plan will be promoted jointly with partner universities in order to achieve greater synergies between the proposed activities.

The building

The school is spread over three floors and offers many classrooms equipped with video projectors and whiteboards for the classroom teaching for a few tens of participants per class. In the different plans you can find offices, reading rooms and library where guests can study in smaller groups.

The rooms are bright and simple and have many wall socket to power the portable computers; in the entire building the Wifi is open to the public.