The CINFAI, National Inter-University Consortium for Physics of Atmospheres and Hydrospheres, was born in 1997 as an institution to promote the collaboration between some universities on specific issues mainly meteorology, climatology, ecology, oceanography.

The collaboration was, then, extended both in terms of participation, with the accession of new universities, both in terms of research topics to the whole environmental sector, with methodological approaches ranging from Mathematics to Advanced Technologies.

The research activity of CINFAI has expanded over the years: playing initially a key role essentially linked to the FIS/06 area(Physics for the Earth system), then, has expanded into various Engineering sectors (hydraulics, electronics, etc.), Mathematics (Statistics, asymptotic methods, etc.), Chemistry and, more generally, to the environment.

The different skills and specializations of the Universities that have joined the consortium have allowed a major methodological advance.

Just the multidisciplinary issues faced by different Research Units (RUs) and their heterogeneity have allowed the CINFAI to put skills of high scientific quality available to projects dedicated to the safety and protection of the environment.

The Consortium has always performed important national and international research activities with management skills and leadership publicly recognized, through the execution of a large number of projects in the areas of interest.

The CINFAI, moreover, has always posed as a unifying element of a widespread community, while respecting individual autonomy. For more information about the Consortium visit the corporate website

The High Level Training School (SAF) of CINFAI

The High Level Training School (SAF) of CINFAI was promoted by the Research Units of CINFAI at the Polytechnic of Turin, directed by Prof. Giovanni Emilio Perona.

At the end of 2012 was signed the agreement which involved the Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta, Fondation Grand Paradis and CINFAI to the creation of a School at the Village of the Miners of Cogne with the goal of creating a cultural and education center , at the same time promoting the territory.

In order to expand its activities in various fields of science, the CINFAI intend to share the School with other scientific and technological research institutions, and professional organizations. In this context it has already signed a letter of intent with:

- CIFS: Inter-university Consortium for Space Physics

-INFN: National Institute of Nuclear Physics

- Order of Engineers of Asti

Taking into account the broad spectrum of activities that will promote CINFAI School, different sections have been identified:

- Meteorology and Climatology

- Earth Science

- Physics (theoretical and applied)

- Astrophysics

- Technology and Engineering

- Disclosure

Institutions wishing to promote specific activities are encouraged to contact the management.

Chairman: Prof. Giovanni Emilio Perona

Director: Ing. Claudio Lucianaz, PhD

General Secretary: Emilia Ghizzoni

For any information contact us at email: Attiva JavaScript per visualizzare la email

NB. For individual courses/events announced in calendar refer to specific referents.